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      Tempered Glass
      White glass
      Frosted Glass
      Special glass
      Coated Glass
      Display Glass
      Silk screen glass of
      A G Glass
      Light Glass
      Solar glass
      Electric glass
      A R glass
      Wholesale Ultra-white glass


         Shenzhen Yangguang Glass Co., Ltd. is a professinal facoty specializing in glass processing,which belong to Shenzhen Chenglong Glass Co., Ltd.After years of practise,She has been growing up to be a enterprize now, mainly focus on product development,producing,processing and trading.
         The main processing products include:tempered glass, electronic glass, display glass, AR glass, silk screen glass, digital picture frame glass, ultra-white glass, conductive glass, paint glass, coated glass, showcase glass, furniture glass, bending glass, safety glass  and float glass with different thickness,too. We also act on art glass processing in addition.
         The products in our company widely used in:Showcase, furniture, electronic products, vehicles, instruments, lamps and other fields.Yangguang glass persue the best product process with latest science technology,combine with practice functions and aesthetic feelings,not only practical,but also in fashion!We are proving the best products and service to all our clients in and abroad.

      Display device tempered glass